Black but stylish bathroom

black stylish bathroom

Fashion Spirit Strip Copper

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NightQueen Black

Night Queen Black

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The color black is primarily associated with darkness. So is a bathroom in dark colors a bad idea? Definitely not! However, it is worth following a few important rules when designing a black bathroom. First, you need to add some sparkle to the interior. An interesting solution here are glossy black wall tiles with delicate gold decorations. This gives the interior a more elegant and warm character, making the bathroom a brighter and more luxurious room. The black bathroom in the glamor style is additionally characterized by a wealth of different structures. It is therefore worth betting on tiles with patterns in waves or various geometric shapes. The whole decor is worth complementing with stucco and other decorative elements, creating a unique, yet stylish space. However, remember to exercise moderation. Too many decorations will make them overwhelming, and the interior will lose its luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. Finally, it should be remembered that black is extremely versatile and easily combines with other colors, which gives great possibilities.

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